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It is not something we would like to admit, but it’s true. Most of the carpets are dirtier than what we may think.

Following are some more scary facts regarding Carpets:

  • Carpets are the biggest air filters in our home. The inside of the house acts like a trap for dust, dirt, pet’s dirt and many more. Actually, Insides contain twice as much as the dust & dirt outside.
  • Every ounce of Carpet dust can hold up to 3,000 dust mites. They thrive on dead skin cells and nest in your carpet. The waste that they leave behind gets mixed with dust and air, which can cause allergies.
  • Every year, several pounds of soil will keep on getting accumulating in and under your carpet.

Although, Vacuuming helps keeping the carpet in good shape and healthy condition, but carpet deep steam cleaning is IMPORTANT.  


We understand that Carpet define the look of your House & Business. With Clean Carpets, your House looks brand new and Office looks attractive. Not only just the looks, clean carpet can also improve your health. There are many Carpet Cleaning Companies out there, so how to choose the Best one?

So, What Factors needs to be considered?

What Equipment do they use?

Consider what equipment the Carpet Cleaning Company use before hiring them. It is best to know it beforehand because the kind of carpet cleaning machine and equipment being used will truly effect your cleaning standard. The good quality and high power machinery will give you best results for your carpets. These can leave your carpet clean and with new look. In addition, the good quality machines will also protect the life of your carpet as the low power machines can damage the carpet as well.

What chemicals & cleaning SOLUTIONS do they use?

A trusted and experienced cleaning company will make sure that you have all the information regarding the types of chemicals and carpet cleaning solutions do they use. It is essential for you to have all this information. This is very important because, the chemicals can affect the life and quality of carpet. Poor quality chemicals can destroy the carpet and reduce their life.  If your business or you are into eco-friendly products, then this must be your priority and you can talk to them before hiring them. The choice of chemicals can also affect the price overall. Some companies do not use eco-friendly chemicals or may use same chemicals for all kinds of properties. In this case, you may refrain from hiring them. Having the carpets cleaned is not  only an investment in your home or business but also, a protective measure taken to protect everyone’s health and well-being.


Don’t just rely on what the company shows you. You need to know the real image of the company and their reputation in the cleaning industry. You need to look at the reviews from their customers. Also, identify if anything looks fishy. When a company is good and works best to meet the customer’s need their reviews will be great no doubt, but all the good reviews are hard to digest. If all the reviews for the company are good then surely something is cooking. Go for 98-99% good reviews. In addition, you can ask the carpet cleaning company to provide you with the list of their clients to provide the reference. You can get in touch with them and know more about their working process and their reputation and work quality. All these things matter before hiring a Commercial Carpet cleaning Company for your Business or your home.

Don’t just look at the price…

We know budget is highly important and you need to keep it in mind always, but don’t let price impact your decision. If you base your decision solely on the service with lowest price then you may be disappointed after the service. The company, which charge you less, will definitely give you a poor quality service or use poor quality chemicals and equipment, which at the end can destroy your carpets look and health. So, choose wisely. Don’t let few bucks destroy your good looking carpets. Less price comes with less or Zero experienced carpet cleaner too. Choose a good Company wisely after careful consideration.

Beware of the carpet cleaning scams…

Frauds/Scam can happen anywhere and in any industry. The scams in Carpet cleaning industry are different from other scams. Here the scams may include poor quality service or no service at all, use of poor quality chemicals and non-removal of stains etc. Therefore, it is highly important to do research before hiring any company. Read their reviews ad rating. If they have lot of negative reviews and bad rating, beware of them and avoid them. Also, in order to provide you with low price in comparison to their competitors they may refrain from providing you with good quality of service and may not include things like deodorizing, disinfecting etc. Ask everything before you hire them, do a proper research, analyze the companies and choose the best for your needs

Last words…

A good carpet cleaning company like CleanWee is always upfront, makes sure that the client is properly informed and is aware of each and everything before boking us. We openly disclose our Google & Facebook Ratings on our website so that we may maintain transparency with our clients. We also make sure that you get best quality of service by using high quality products, chemicals & equipment while doing the job. Our cleaners are highly experienced and properly trained to provide you with best service.

You should look for all these things while hiring the company of your choice.

 CleanWee Cleaning Can Help…

We know that that the whole process of selecting and choosing a carpet cleaner for your premises can be overwhelming. Therefore, the CleanWee Cleaning Team makes this whole process of choosing the carpet cleaner easy for you. We are always there for existing clients and our future clients. We will answer all your queries patiently and help you customize the services as per your requirement.

To schedule your free consultation and free quote appointment, call us today at 0406-469-345, or visit our Contact Page.

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