Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the most commonly asked question we receive from customers. If you have a different question please visit fill out our contact form. You can also contact our executive directly on 0406469345


A: Bond cleaning is a full clean of a house or apartment before moving out from tenancy. It is commonly referred to as end of lease cleaning. It is required by real estate agents to ensure the tenants get their bond back. It is the responsibility of you the tenant to ensure the house is looking exactly how it did the day you moved in. Tenants are usually advised to hire a professional cleaning company.
A: Cleaning takes approximately 3 to 7 hours per home. However, it depends on the condition of your house. Every property has unique requirements.
A: Since every house is unique in size and age, the cost depends on the condition of your home. We can only give you the exact cost after an inspection. After you have agreed to the price, we do not charge you additional costs.

For average costs are as follows:
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A: Yes. We provide a 100% bond back guarantee (T&C Apply). After your property manager has done the inspection if there are any areas that require more work we will return at no cost to you. We will send a team back for a re-clean.
A: You can definitely help. Call our team to discuss a plan so we can clean your home faster.
A: Our end of lease cleaning team will bring all the products and tools necessary for the satisfactory completion of the service.
A: Yes, professional cleaning of the oven is a part of the post-lease service jobs we do. Technicians dismantle the appliance, dip the removable pieces in a container, filled with a solution to dislodge grime and grease. Our tenancy cleaners will scrub, wipe, and polish the oven both from inside and out.
A: Yes, we do clean internal windows. This service is included in all end of lease packages.
A: If required we can also clean outside but this is an additional cost. Our goal is to provide maximum customer satisfaction. So if you would like us to clean the outside of your house, just inform us.
A: Usually, moving furnishings is not necessary. Still, it might be requested if there is much furniture. To ensure that you will collect your safety deposit, the end of lease cleaners need to vacuum and mop beneath sofas, cupboards, and other heavy pieces of furniture
A: We are fully insured. Every contractor has $10,000,000 public liability insurance.
A: You can get in touch with us to schedule a booking at any time. As for the service, our technicians can start your move out cleaning at 7:00 am at the earliest, or at 5:00 pm – at the lastest.
A: That is the only additional charge that you might have to calculate for your move out cleaning. Our technicians always search for a free spot to leave the service vehicle. However, if such parking space is not available, then the client is required to pay the parking fee for the time the team cleans the property.
A: We will require deposit $49.99 to secure your booking.
A: We service most areas of South East Queensland and all of Brisbane including, Northside, Southside, West and East and Ipswich .To find out more please contact us


A: All furniture and carpets are vacuumed thoroughly as a part of our service. If you need those cleaned up to professional standards, you can request carpet cleaning or upholstery cleaning separately. We will present you with a discounted price for booking more than one of our cleaning services.
Professional carpet cleaners will provide a range of techniques and products to treat your carpets. Having your carpets professionally cleaned also lengthens the life of your carpet and creates a better environment for your family.
Dry cleaning uses either a powder or liquid spray method. We don’t recommend this method as we don’t believe it is as effective as steam cleaning.
Steam cleaning uses hot water, which is sprayed on the surface and then shampooed. This is called hot water extraction. This method is probably one of the most popular and very effective on tough stains and dirt. It relies on dirt being suspended by the water. Solutions are sprayed before hand to loosen any dirt.
On average, cleaning should cost you between $29 to $75 per single room. Get in touch with us to take advantage of our great specials.
Yes. We can remove stains such as tea, coffee, red wine, urine among other stubborn stains. If the stain hasn’t become permanent, stain removal can still be successful.
Unfortunately, not every stain. We use the best products on stained areas . But we can’t guarantee the removal of certain stains. Some agents may affect carpet dyes, which may damage the carpet permanently.
Typically it will take between 1 and 3 hours. The drying time depends on several factors such as the density of the carpet, humidity and room temperature.
This depends on usage. For carpets with low usage, we recommend steam cleaning every 12-16 months. For carpets with pets, children and high traffic areas , we would recommend steam cleaning every 6-12months.


A:Yes. We provide pest control all year round. We can remove irritating critters such as ants, termites, spiders, snakes, wasps and bedbugs.
A: A licensed pest controller is trained in a lot more than just applying chemicals. Their qualifications provide the knowledge and ability to use a range proven methods to stop pest activity and reduce the potential of future infestations.
Generally a yearly inspection for pests is the best way to minimise pest infestations from developing. Depending on the type of pest and environment more regular treatments may be required
A: Yes. We only use the safest, latest and fully tested products available.
for full peace of mind there may be certain situations when we ask you to vacate the house during treatment. For instance if very young children, someone who is pregnant, or allergy or asthma sufferers are present.
A: We serve the following cities in South East Queensland, North side Brisbane, Southside Brisbane, East and West as well as Ipswich and Toowoomba.
A: Every cleaning contractor has public liability insurance to the value of $10,000,000.
A: Monday to Friday to 5.00pm.
For more queries regarding our services visit the homepage or feel free to contact us direct. Phone: 0406882124


A: No, but it is important to arrange a meeting to discuss your needs prior to the service starting. We find that an initial meeting will help make both you and your cleaner happy. If you are not going to be home during your house cleaning, you will, however, need to arrange access to your home with your cleaner.
Most of our regular customers trust our brand as far as giving our cleaning Team the door keys and the security alarm codes… we take this very seriously and we guard your security at all times!
No. We provide all of our own supplies and equipment. If you want we can use your items, please let us know beforehand.
Yes, we will make every effort to have the same team clean your home each visit but it’s not alwaysbpossible due to some reasons. However, it is important to understand, that we’ve got one universal and a company-wide set of quality standards! That means that you can trust a cleaning to each and every of our specialists team!