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What is Bond Cleaning/ End of Lease Cleaning ?

What is Bond Cleaning/ End of Lease Cleaning ?

“Things Only Professional Cleaners Like CleanWee Know”
Bond Cleaning may be a hectic task always. No matter how clean is your house your owner or property manager will always find one way or other to keep your bond. So why not get Cleaning tips and hacks from CleanWee?
What is a Bond Cleaning/ Exit Cleaning ?

The Definition
When you rent a property in Australia, you pay some amount of money to the landlord or property manager which is referred to a bond. When you vacate the property, you have to return the property in the same condition without any breakage and ensure that the property is neat and clean.
This kind of cleaning is known as End of lease cleaning or Bond Cleaning, which is done to get the Bond back.

Why is Bond Cleaning Important to Tenant?
The tenant who does not vacate the property in neat and clean condition may lose the bond. After the landlord/ Property Manager inspects the property and clears the house then whole amount of bond is returned to the tenant otherwise they may cut a small or whole amount depending upon the house condition.
If you get your bond-back you can use it to buy interesting stuff for yourself, rent another property or spend as you require. However, if you leave your property messy, which will eventually create trouble for the property owner, you may not get any money sadly. More importantly, he may cause more trouble for you.
Suppose now you want to rent another property, you will have to provide reference of your previous property owner. He may give bad report to him and you will now face difficulty in renting the property henceforth.

Why is Bond Cleaning Important to Future Tenant?
When a tenant leaves the property uncleaned or in poor shape, it may have the impact on future tenants. The first impression a person gets of a property is how neat and clean the property is ? How neat and dirt-free are the carpets? Is the kitchen clean? Are there any pests in the house/premises? Many such things are considered when a tenant consider renting a property.
Now suppose, when the house is dirty, but has many features, nobody will rent such property. Therefore, it is extremely important that the property be in perfect condition.

Why is Bond Cleaning Important to House Owner/ Landlord?
The owner of a property always want that property is in perfectly clean and is in good shape when left by the tenants. This helps build trust of the owners for the future tenants as well.
If the property is not cleaned, the landlord/ owner will have to get it cleaned which may frustrate him and impact the owner-tenant relation.

Method of Bond Cleaning/ Exit Cleaning?
In order to maintain the perfect condition of the house, you may need to maintain its cleaning quality so that at the end of your tenancy period you may not have to face the problem of any kind.
·            WEEKLY CLEANING
The most simple and easy way to maintain the property cleanliness is to do cleaning on regular basis. You can either hire a CleanWee Professional Cleaner for your weekly cleaning needs or you can do it yourself to maintain the health of property. You can Vacuum Carpets at your own, wipe down the kitchen shelves and kitchen appliance properly with the chemicals, clean bathroom shower and taps. Don’t forget to clean every corner of the house.
Even if you try to clean every week, you may miss some of the things or may stuck in some work, which will leave your cleaning task undone because it is on least important things list.
Nevertheless, you don’t need to panic. You can still plan everything before your lease ends.
You can do one task a day and make the whole process smooth.
Doesn’t matter you miss you regular cleaning schedule, you can still get your exit cleaning done and get your bond money back.
If you keep on waiting for the last moment, when you are going to step out of the property then you are surely going to miss the important key points.
So, Plan your end of lease cleaning, prepare a checklist and start right away.

Do It Yourself...
If you don’t want to hire a cleaner for your bond cleaning, “You Can Do It Yourself”. You just need to be proactive and have a keen observant eye.
  Ø Start by stepping into each room, analyzing the condition and making a checklist of the work to be    done and where the work is to be done
  Ø After you are done with preparing the checklist of the cleaning tasks to be done, you can start   allocating the time to each task depending upon the condition of the area to be cleaned.
  Ø  After allocating the time, now its time to start the cleaning. You may choose either Top to Bottom   approach or Bottom to Top approach while doing the cleaning. You can start either with the hardest     or with the simplest task.
  Ø For instance, If you start with Kitchen, you should complete its cleaning completely within the   allocated time by you.
  Ø If your walls are dirty, you should do wall cleaning as well.
  Ø  After the whole cleaning is done, you may now start with the carpet cleaning at last.

Remember the Important Tasks...
  Ø  Wipe the cupboards, drawers, mirror, windows, benchtop, shelves and all.
  Ø  Clean the kitchen appliance inside out including the refrigerator if have one.
  Ø  Clean the ceiling fans, bulbs, switches etc.
  Ø  Remove all the cobwebs.
  Ø  Also clean the outside of the house, including mowing, outside windows, balcony, garbage bins etc.

Get Professional Help If Needed...
There may be somethings that may be complicated for you such as greasy molds/ovens, dirty walls which may need wall washing, carpet stains which may need a professional carpet cleaning, bathroom rust/stains which may require the use of special chemicals and equipment, kids painting marks, food stains and many such things which will need  an experienced cleaning team or an experienced cleaner.  
In this case, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a cleaner who will make the whole process easy and tension-free for you.

How Can We Help You...
We at CleanWee Cleaning can help you in many ways with your cleaning. We understand that cleaning a house can be boring chore and no one likes to do it. Now, you don’t have to worry about anything and we will make sure that your property is cleared on the first inspection itself.
We Can help you With
  Ø Bond Cleaning/ End of Lease Cleaning
  Ø Carpet Cleaning
  Ø Pest Control
  Ø Office Cleaning
  Ø Commercial Cleaning
  Ø Builder Cleaning
  Ø One-off Cleaning
  Ø Spring Cleaning
  Ø Regular Cleaning
  Ø Weekly/fort-nightly Cleaning
  Ø Antiviral Disinfection
  Ø Covid-19 Special Service
  Ø And Many more services….

Areas Where We Serve You...
  Ø  Brisbane Northside
  Ø  Brisbane Southside
  Ø  Beenleigh 
  Ø  Bowen hills
  Ø  West Brisbane
  Ø  Ipswich 
  Ø  Toowoomba
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