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Everyone Needs Cleaning Hacks

Everyone Needs Cleaning Hacks

Best Cleaning Hacks Everyone Needs

Cleaning might give some of us a ‘mini heart attack’. Well jokes apart, we all at some point of time look for the easy cleaning hacks to make our house cleaning an "easy peasy lemon squeezy" task. We also personally use many of these hacks. Therefore, CleanWee has decided to share our Secrets of these “Simple Cleaning hacks” with our dear Readers. All these hacks are timesaving, which could save your efforts as well. We assure you cleaning is not at all a scary & haunting task- in fact cleaning can be fun and at last very relaxing task too.

So Let’s Begin…

Cleaning Hacks From a Professional Company - CleanWee

We bet that you can clean almost all types of house within 3-4 hours. So, now we will tell you the main reason why it takes so much of time to clean our whole house – this is because of the distraction. We get distracted by looking at our things, sometimes also become nostalgic like me, but that’s the main time consuming part. Just if you stay focused and not get distracted, you can clean your house within 1-2 hours. Our Cleaning Stepwise hacks Methods include the following steps:

  • Set-up a Cleaning Schedule
  • Dusting & Brooming
  • Cobwebbing
  • Cleaning Bathroom
  • Cleaning Kitchen
  • Cleaning Floors/ Tiles
  • Carpet Cleaning/Vacuuming

Cleaning Supplies You Need Handy

You don’t want to run here and there looking for your chemicals or vacuum etc. So, you should have all the cleaning supplies handy so that once you start your house cleaning you can save your time & stress in finding those supplies. We would recommend you to keep a basket/bucket with handle so you can carry all the supplies easily. You may require:

  • Squeegee
  • Sponge
  • Microfiber Clothes
  • Paper towel
  • Glass Cleaner
  • Gloves
  • Floor Cleaner
  • Cleaning Chemicals
  • Bathroom Cleaner
  • Tile Cleaner
  • Some Cotton Clothes
  • Broom
  • Dry/Wet Mops
  • Vacuum Cleaner

A Little Advice About Baking Soda and It’s Uses

Although it is called Baking Soda, but, it’s not just for baking. It has ‘n’ number of uses. It is natural cleansing agent & has deodorizing properties. The most interesting thing about Baking Soda is that it is free from any toxins and hence safe for your family. You can easily use Baking Soda for Oven Cleaning by combining it with vinegar. You can also use Baking Soda & Vinegar Combination to De-clog your Drains. Here is one more use of Baking Soda, you can deodorize your Carpets and give them a new and fresh look by just sprinkling it on your Carpets. If you want sparkling stoves, you can sprinkle baking soda & vinegar on the stove & wipe away. Your stove is now shining as hell. Similarly, you can use it for your Sink, Bathtub, Dishwasher & at many more things.


If you start the cleaning all at one go, you will be confused and would never be able to complete the whole cleaning. Start the work by setting the timer, works like wonder. You can set a 15 minutes timer for one room or one task. You can always start by packing the things you don’t regularly use but adds up to your house mess. Also, don’t forget to include the house cleaning to your weekly schedule. Cleaning the house regularly, each week will not let dirt to accumulate and will save lot of your efforts later on. We understand the cleaning of complete house can be a difficult task each week, so you need to make the list of tasks you won’t be able to do weekly like:

  • Refrigerator Inside
  • Oven Inside
  • Light fixtures
  • Behind & Beneath the furniture
  • All the cabinets

Cleaning becomes an easy task when we divide the work. We know when a cleaning team comes at your house it usually comprise of two or more cleaners. This makes the task easier and the cleaning is finished in less amount of time. Similarly, if you are doing on your own and don’t want to hire a cleaner you can divide the task amongst your family members. Suppose, you chose to vacuum all the rooms, your husband is doing the dusting & cobwebbing & your child is doing the laundry. Therefore, in this way your stress would be reduced and cleaning is done instantly with these many helping hands.

Another Advice for the Dirty Microwaves

Microwaves can be very stubborn; we mean they can become extremely messy and when it comes to cleaning them you may broke into tears. So, what can we do to clean them easily? CleanWee knows the easy simple trick to clean those ovens/microwaves. As you know steam is very powerful, sometimes we even take steam bathing to clear our pores. Similarly, steam can clear the pores of Microwave too…You simply need to keep a glass full of water in the microwave for 3 minutes and let the steam form. Now the magic will start !! The steam will ooze out all the dirt & sticky material. Now all you need to do is Wiping. Wipe away that residue and dirt. Now your Microwave cleaning is complete.

  1. CLEANING HACK: Start with bedding

Go to each room, change the bedsheets and pillow covers. This will save the floor from getting dirty later on. Also, if the ceiling are dirty you may want to clean the and dust the ceiling before changing the bedding as it may again make the bedsheets dirty. So, this is the first and foremost task in your House cleaning just like professional cleaners. Yippee!

  1. CLEANING HACK: clean the bathrooms

Bathrooms may take a while. Therefore, here is another hack to make it an easy task. Remove all the things from the bathrooms and sprinkle the Bathroom Cleaner/ Cleaning Chemical you prefer and let it be there for a while. You may now complete other tasks while the Bathroom cleaner is doing its magic !!


While you let the bathroom cleaner work, you can dust your whole house. Isn’t it going to save your time?

You can now start by dusting the furniture. Remove all the things from the shelves and start the dusting. Later on, restore all the things on the shelves. Dust all the lamps & lights carefully. You can also do the dusting of your bookshelves, cabinets etc. Don’t include too many items in dusting as you can always divide the complex part to be done in multiple times.

  1. CLEANING HACK: Broom, vacuum & mop

When the dusting is complete, you can now proceed to broom, vacuum & mop. This is almost the final step in your weekly cleaning journey.  Carefully start the vacuuming of lamps. Later on, start with the vacuuming of upholstery. Vacuum each & every corner of the house. Now proceed to the vacuuming of rugs and carpets.

When it comes to hard floor, you will have to mop them. If you have tile cleaning machine then well and good otherwise you can always use mop and bucket to clean those tiles and hard flooring.


Now that you are done with almost whole house cleaning, the only part left is Bathroom. The Bathroom cleaner has worked magically. You can simply, do the scrubbing & wiping. When you are done with this, you can replace all the Bathroom items. Now, clean the toilet. Disinfect and brush the toilet thoroughly. Clean the inside and outside of the seat carefully. After this, you can wipe the Bathroom floor. You are all done Now !!


How CleanWee Can Help

We know that that the whole process of selecting and choosing a cleaner for your premises can be overwhelming. Therefore, the CleanWee Team makes this whole process of choosing the cleaner easy for you. We are always there for existing clients and our future clients. We will answer all your queries patiently and help your customize the services as per your requirement.

To schedule your free consultation and free quote appointment, call us today at 0406-469-345, or visit our website:  www.cleanweecleaning.com

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