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Which type of cleaning do you need ?

Which type of cleaning do you need ?

Regular Cleaning of House


 Deep Cleaning of House

Are you confused between regular cleaning and deep cleaning. Are you aware of what both mean ? Do you fear that the cleaning companies might make a fool of you just because you are not clear what does both mean ?

In Today’s blog of CleanWee cleaning we will make clear what both the Cleaning involves, so that you make the right decision while booking the cleaning company for your requirement.

So Let’s Begin…

How to Decide?

We often are unable to decide whether to book Regular cleaning or Deep Cleaning. Therefore, here we have brought you the simple checklist at your end to take this decision. In order to decide thi, you need to take a 5 minutes home tour. Yes, we are not at all kidding! Doing a 5 minute home tour can make you analyze the condition of your home.

You can check for the grime and grease in your oven inside, under the sink, the condition of the bathtub, look at the windows, carefully check the corners of the house, look for the cobwebs. If all the things are in relatively clean condition you can go for the regular cleaning of the house, however, if you find these things pretty dirty then it is right time for Deep cleaning of the house !


If The cleaning which you do on regular basis like daily or weekly is termed as Regular cleaning of the house or regular cleaning of office. For the regular cleaning of the house or office you can either do it yourself or hire a professional cleaning company for the regular cleaning of your premises. Now, the question arises is why it is so much necessary to do the regular cleaning of the house or office premises. Well, as we all know our heath is defined by the health of our house or the place where we are residing. If our surroundings are neat and clean, we will be heathy.

So, lets list few of the benefits of Regular cleaning of your premises:

  • It’s healthy: As a healthy mind can reside only in healthy body, in the similar manner a heathy body can reside only in health environment. It’s extremely essential that your surroundings as always clean to keep you always health. Living in dirty place for a long time can lead various health conditions like asthma, flu etc.
  • Mental Satisfaction: When your house looks clean, your mind is very relaxed and calm. No matter what goes in your office or outside world, when your house is clean everything seems comforting and good. Coming to clean home after the long tiring day at work makes your mind fresh and gives you satisfaction
  • Save your money: This might sound awkward and strange but its true. Regular cleaning of the house might save you from the trouble of cleaning the house later on with so much of grease, grime & dirt. Afterwards, you would have to hire cleaning company for regular cleaning or cleaning of the house, which are going to cost you huge bucks. Whereas the Regular weekly cleaning will never cost you that much.

 What is included in the Regular cleaning of house:

  • Cleaning all the Rooms: Bedrooms, Bathrooms, Kitchen, Living Room
  • Sweeping & Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Mopping
  • Cleaning all the surfaces

If you really want to maintain the cleanliness of the house but can’t give time, you should hire a professional cleaning company for regular cleaning. You can hire regular cleaning company according to your needs & requirements. Most of the professional cleaning companies offer the flexibility to set up the regular cleaning requirements of the customers, which will depend upon the size and condition of your property.  You can hire the regular cleaner on weekly basis or once a month. Hiring a regular cleaner is not that costly, in fact to is going to save your time & money.


A deep cleaning, as the name suggests the complete in depth cleaning of the house. A deep cleaning of the house will include all those areas which are generally missed during the regular cleaning or while maintain the cleanliness of the house. Deep cleaning of house is necessary for those who generally don’t do the regular cleaning of the house or has not cleaned the house in long time or who want to add new life to their house. So, lets list what deep cleaning of the house includes:

  • Appliances: This will include all the kitchen appliance like Microwave, oven, refrigerator, dish washer etc.
  • Under those Things: All the hidden places like under the sink, under the appliances, tables etc.
  • Windows: Inside & outside the windows
  • Blinds
  • De-scaling: Tiles, bath tub, shower head etc

Deep cleaning of the house is often done on special condition like after renovation of house, after builder clean, moving-in clean, exit clean, spring cleaning, getting cleaning after long time  

How CleanWee Cleaning Can Help

Well, we think now the difference between the regular cleaning and deep cleaning of house is very much clear. Now you can decide the best suitable for your house. We know that that the whole process of selecting and choosing a cleaner for Regular Cleaning or Deep Cleaning at your premises can be overwhelming. Therefore, the CleanWee Cleaning Team makes this whole process of choosing the regular cleaner easy for you. When you are in doubt regarding any type of cleaning, you can simply get in touch with us. We are always there for existing clients and our future clients. We will answer all your queries patiently and help your customize the services as per your requirement.

To schedule your free consultation and free quote appointment, call us today at 0406-469-345, or visit our Contact Page.

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